Change is inevitable. It catches us off-guard, coming when we’re least expecting it to. It brings chaos, confusion, requiring quick decisions to mould ourselves into the change around us. Yet, it brings hope. Filling the air with a new something, the fresh scent of a newly blossomed flower. The first ray of sunlight as the clouds make way for the sun. The first few drops as the heat is made bearable by the first rain of the monsoon season. The metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly, as it adds so many colours to our world. Change, in all its forms, brings excitement. Change, it is what we live for. Yearning with a desire to unravel the mysteries of life, change is what enables us to. Changes in perception, help us see the world in a new light. It sheds light on the hidden truths we so conveniently try to avoid. Whether we’re hit in the face unawares, or we bring it about , the change will come. Change is how societies evolve. Change is how man has abandoned the caves and flown into skyscrapers. Change has made us who we are today. It makes life worth living.
Change commands differing reactions from everyone. Some welcome it with open arms. Embrace it and become a part of it, hence making their contribution to humankind’s quest on this planet. Yet, some refrain. They live in a state of denial and cease to go with the natural flow of life. Change beckons, but they restrain themselves, and end up on the losing side. Life passes them by, while they hold onto the disillusionment of yester-years. Sad it is, as they refuse to succumb to life’s vital ingredient, change. For what is life really without change. Like a stagnant body of water, a puddle, that starts giving off bad smell if left for a long time in the same state. Life is supposed to be like the flowing stream, that runs along, along the rocks and mountains, making its own path, curving where it needs to, turning in new directions every now and then.
Change is life beckoning us. Calling out to us to join the human tribe, as it moves forward. Evolves, one step at a time. And with every new step, a new idea, a new way of life, a new insight into the world is achieved. One step closer to solving the mystery of life. Maybe, maybe not. But it does not matter, because change is what makes life worth living. Makes it so much more bearable with all the heavy constants weighing down on us all the time. Change is healthy, change is inviting. Change…is life!


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