Preach the goodness, ‘Maulana Sahib’!

I live today in a land, split up into two, in all manners of speaking and acting. The line dividing the two is getting stronger by the day, as differences in beliefs, ideologies, opinions and sentiments, gain momentum by the hour. Yet, the strongest currents causing the tide of differences to mount, is the take on human life. The value of human life, is seemingly not worth a penny to these hate-mongers littering our streets. The rift will only grow from here. There is no way back for either side. One upholds the sanctity of human life. While the other is hell-bent upon destroying all humanity. At this point, one has to wonder. Which religion would entice such hatred? Which God would instruct to kill? And we all come to the straight-forward answer. Why would the Creator teach to destroy! Yet, out comes a brand of the religion that makes you want to question your own beliefs. Preaching on appearances alone, with the swirling beards, shalwars above the ankles, and a glowing sense of greatness that they are the ultimate finality on religious issues. Preaching their own brand of the religion, hand-picking only those dictates that serve their purpose, they are brain-washing the vast majority. Rather, have been doing so for the past many years now!

So, how do we clean up that mess? More pertinent is how do we even start? Where do we start? Charity begins at home, and that is where we all need to begin. Put yourself in the witness stand and be your own judge. We all are guilty, since none of us thought to take action when it was due. We failed to truly comprehend the gravity of the situation. As a result, we have left our religion in the hands of those who only know hatred and violence. So, contemplate today and ask yourself the questions that you have buried away in some faraway corners of your minds. Create an understanding yourself, and jump off the bandwagon dragging you to destruction. Stop following blindly the proclaimed-custodians of faith. Take a moment. A moment is all you need. Does Allah want you to love or hate? Would He condone violence? Are His creations of no value that we can kill them in the name of our faith? Does causing death and destruction in His name, not violate His magnificence? Does the Quran instruct Muslims to wage jihad only? And that too, only one kind of jihad that justifies our violent ideas? Why not turn our attention to all the other Quranic teachings that have been sidelined very expertly! Let us talk about the things we have forgotten our religion stands for. Talk about peace and co-existence, honesty and justice, brotherhood and forgiveness, humility and tolerance, kindness and compassion, sharing and caring. Let us talk about Muslims being human again, instead of the violent and destructive race we are depicting ourselves to be. Wake up, and smell the threat! Too much damage has been caused already. Let the next sermon be about tolerance rather than irrational hatred. Breed a culture of humanity, not of destruction. Instil the true aspect of Islam, not the violated one. If we ever hope to salvage the ‘real Islam’, openly condemn and denounce the ‘mullah-Islam’. It has gotten us nowhere. There is still time. Preach the goodness, ‘Maulana Sahib’!


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