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Death and Silence

I want to cry today.  Cry my heart out right now. Another voice has been silenced, that dared to speak out against irrationalities. In the capital of my dear country, another brutal killing has been witnessed. I will not delve into criticising the security forces today. Nor waste words in trying to identify the real killers. Right now, I mourn yet again. As I did on the 4th of January, I feel helplessness and grief.

One by one, all the brave voices will be silenced. And we will only be left amidst cowards, who are too afraid to speak their minds. The real issues will be swept under a carpet of indifference, and society will cease to improve. A stagnant pond of dirt accumulated over time that we have all caused through ignorance and our silence. And when the silence overpowers the few voices that do speak out, the silence will cause a destruction so vast that it would be irreparable.

Shahbaz Bhatti was just another minister. Another will take his place tomorrow. Salman Taseer was just one governor. Another has already taken his place. Yet in these two men, were voices of courage. People with a will to eliminate the irrational attitudes widespread in our society, and courage to match that will. So we have not just lost two government officials, we have lost two right-minded men whose absence will be greatly felt. The hole of their presence will not be filled by any of the presently serving government officials. No one is willing to take a stand. Rather I would go so far as to say that some are going all out in condemning the country to a violent and pathetic end.

Have they managed to silence all those who dare to speak courageously? Or are there any left to condemn this rigid and violent mindset? I cannot speak about the high-powered officials, but I can speak for you and me. I will continue to speak my mind and raise my voice wherever I get the opportunity. Are you willing to do the same?

Today, at this moment, I will cry for the helplessness I feel. I will mourn for the vision of our Quaid we have failed to uphold. I will shed tears for the Pakistani flag we are dishonouring today, by not acknowledging non-Muslims as even Pakistanis today. The word Pakistani has now been made synonymous with being a Muslim, and minorities suffer everywhere. Today we killed their representation in the government. Today we have wiped the ‘white portion’ off our flag. At least, in the mindset we have made the transition. Today was just the graduating ceremony to further cement that mindset. So I cry today, for some ideals lost. The Quaid must be squirming in his grave right now. His nation has failed him miserably. The silence prevails, with death lurking right around the corner for those who dare to break it.