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Wake up to the reality!

The inevitable has happened and Raymond has been flown out of the country. To those who are acting surprised need to take a serious reality check. None of us expected a conviction for Raymond. Rather to have him holed up for so long is the surprise here. I guess the government and agencies would also have wished for the matter to be hushed up, but it was thrown in the limelight and thus began the huge media circus. One wonders now, wouldn’t it have been better to not prolong the saga for as long as it lingered on.

Let’s face it everyone. We are not a country who can mess with a superpower right now. I would say we have a zillion other problems on our hands and a face-down with the US was never in the mind of any of our leaders. So they did what they had to do. Huge amounts of blood money and the hurried departure of the man himself. Now the nation can cry itself hoarse, screaming in protest on the streets. The matter has been settled. We have bid our final farewell to Raymond.

How the US deals with the man is another matter. After all, he has jeopardized the US undercover operations in not only Pakistan, but all over the world. But our country’s work has been completed. The leading forces, which comprise both the government and intelligence agencies, have played their part. And the judiciary has player theirs by freeing the convict. All the pillars of state were involved, so why question the decision.

Some of you naive enough still believed in the impossible. Raymond would languish long and hard in a Pakistani jail or be hanged till dead. Dream on! We are living in starkly opposite conditions. When was the last time you heard the judiciary had sentenced someone big enough to warrant importance to us, as a nation. And allow me to mention here that I am talking about the ‘free judiciary’ that is the apple’s eye of the nation. We have seen terrorists released after the courts ruled them to be innocent. Have you ever come across one terrorist who has been convicted and punished by our esteemed courts? All have been set free. No judge is willing to take the risk. So when we see our streets filled by the terrorists freed by our courts, why raise a hue and cry over the acquittal of one Raymond Davis. He was, maybe, a threat to our nation’s sovereignty, but then so are these terrorists.

So the next time you see our judiciary doing its job on the domestic front, and handing out just punishments to those that wreak havoc in our country, that is when you should start protesting against the Davis ruling. Till then, just shut up and watch the drama unfold every day. We are, after all, a nation that easily forgets and forgives.