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Our students need help

There is no denying that a school is the center of all learning for a child. Leaving home at the age of four, and entering a world of knowledge, a child picks up almost all traits of his/her personality within the boundaries of school. Where the books open up a sea of knowledge and interesting discoveries, the playground teaches a thing or two about surviving in the outside world.

The years pass and a bewildered child who had taken the first steps out of his home and into the school, is now ready to move on into the real world. School is finished and a college degree awaits most. While a few lucky ones might possess a clear vision about where they’re headed in life, the rest are clueless. So the trend picks up, with everybody jumping onto the bandwagon driven by their predecessors. The simplest choices tend to be the profession of medicine and engineering, with business administration not lurking too far behind. So basically, every year we have a huge number of students vying for slots in the most well-known medical and engineering colleges of the country. Obviously only a few make the cut and the rest either waste a year to try again the next, or settle down for some other degree which was never their first choice. Throughout this race, not many take a moment to contemplate on what is their own choice regarding the matter of higher studies. As I said before, only a few lucky ones are clear about where they’re headed in their future. The rest need a helping hand, or at least some sort of support which can help them in shaping their future. A child, sixteen-years old can hardly make a decision what career he wants. He needs to be able to talk to someone professional enough, who would help him decide on the adequate career path, in accordance with the talents of the child in question. This lays down the foundation for having a career counsellor in all schools and colleges. And a counsellor who would be open-minded about all career paths, helping the students find their own strengths and talents. If this happens, we would certainly be having a lesser number of confused youngsters, who at first are unable to decide what to study in college, and then find after entering university that this was not what they wanted. By then though, it is too late. Although many change paths once again after acquiring the degree, most call it the finishing line.

I would go so far as to say that it is an absolute necessity to have a career counsellor in all schools. Where society and family does not encourage a wide variety of professions, the students of our country need someone professional to guide them on the right path. While our country may need more doctors, engineers and businessmen, we also require more accountants, public workers, writers, fashion designers, sportsmen, teachers and artists. A society needs to be vibrant, with colours added from all facets of life. Let us give acknowledgment to all professions, and help our students make progress in the field that their minds yearn for. Help the students discover their talents, and make the country thrive in all spheres of life.