The Truth!

To say that life begins after death,

undermines my role here,

When heavenly pleasures await,

why worry myself with mere worldly affairs,

isn’t it better to steer clear then,

away from the alluring sins,

beckoning at each precipice of life’s journey,

but how can isolation be the answer,

when I was born into the tribe,

the human tribe,

all of us bonded forever,

with the meticulous strings of humanity,

so why preach what makes no sense,

why preach at all,

the truth lies in the heart,

the journey of discovering it worthwhile,

painstaking, yet charming,

the realization, awe-inspiring.

The Writing Hand,

has surely not written,

the horrendous tale that is preached to all,

a tale with cold hearts,

savage yearnings to destroy who does not listen,

maimed mannequins that are not allowed to speak,

to feel,

even whose shadows are veiled by the darkness,

wild groups storming the world,

murdering His creations,

preaching what renders the alive, lifeless,

punishment and death,

tortuous symbols,

supposedly marking our every move,


causing alienation.

What the Hand Writ,

is a beautiful tale,

full of love and kindness,

where eternal light,

shines upon all His creations,

spun together in a web of intricate delicacy,

like flowers making up a garden,

each one with its unique fragrance,

but together giving the rich aroma,

of heaven right here on earth!


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